MechaWare™ provides the ability to fine-tune performance and create custom solutions for complex controls challenges—in particular, issues of system resonance, vibration control and settling time. The MechaWare block library is used with MATLAB®/Simulink® to provide a graphical environment with full simulation capability, enabling engineers to easily program complex control system tasks and upload the code directly to any SynqNet® controller for immediate validation.

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  • Mechatronic library includes optimized and proven building blocks for use in PID and PIV algorithms
  • Works with the MATLAB/Simulink® workspace to provide an easy-to-use graphical interface for defining control algorithms
  • Takes advantage of MATLAB’s data analysis capabilities
  • Includes building blocks for a wide variety of filters, state observers/feedback, coordinate transformations, complex gearing and following methods, gain switching, and vibration control methods
  • Addresses complex control issues of system resonance, vibration control and settling time performance
  • Includes matrix computation blocks to facilitate observer-based state feedback and disturbance observers
  • Collects and processes feedback from all axes on the controller and issues commands at the same time, simplifying the design of MIMO (multi-in, multi-out) systems



  • Quickly model complex motion systems and upload code directly to any SynqNet® controller
  • Simplify creation of custom control schemes to solve the most difficult motion problems
  • Create sophisticated MIMO (multi-in, multi-out) plant models and easily define gantry control topology




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