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DSP Series Controller Software

The DSP Series is a legacy series of motion controllers. We provide an API for C/C++ programming of these controllers, as well as a tool for rapidly compiling DSP code for use on the latest SynqNet hardware.
Title Language(s) Date Size
pdfDeclaration of Conformance SynqNet Slice IO English 07 Dec 2016 71.42 KB
DSP User Documentation English
DSP User Documentation English
MechaWare User Documentation English
pdfQMP SynqNet Quick Start Guide EN Rev A English 10 Oct 2012 4.25 MB
QMP-SynqNet User Documentation English 31 Jan 2010
QMP-SynqNet User Documentation English
RMB-10V2 Documentation English
XMP-Analog User Documentation English
XMP-SynqNet User Documentation English
pdfZMP-SYNQNET-PC-RJ CE Declaration of Conformance English 01 Jun 2017 188.25 KB
Title Language(s) Date Size
pdfEC Machine Directive 2006-42-EC English 06 Sep 2006 1.37 MB
pdfEC Machine Directive 2009-127-EC English 21 Oct 2009 817.6 KB
pdfEU Product Liability Directive English 25 Jul 1985 148.59 KB
pdfKollmorgen EU Declaration of Conformity QMP English 19 Apr 2016 203 KB
pdfProduct Safety Directive English 03 Dec 2001 254.32 KB
pdfRAPEX Leitfaden English, German 16 Dec 2009 3.17 MB
Title Language(s) Date Size
pdfeZMP Datasheet en-us revisionD English 726.32 KB
pdfQMP SynqNet Datasheet en-us Rev B English 12 Jun 2013 5.61 MB
*limited availability in Europe