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Pipe Network™

Our Pipe Network™ graphical environment provides a breakthrough solution for generating complex, multi-axis motion programs in Kollmorgen Automation Suite™. Instead of writing code line-by-line, developers can simply drag and drop icons to create a visual representation of the machine’s motion components and relationships. Each icon is linked to a prebuilt motion module that has been optimized and tested to ensure quality.


  • Drag-and-drop development environment provides the electronic equivalent of a conventional line shafting application
  • Complex motion relationships between machine axes, cams, gears and other components are represented visually
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pdfKAS IDE 30 Minutes to Motion EN (REV K) English 01 May 2018 693.74 KB
pdfKAS IDE Getting Started EN (REV K) English 01 May 2018 9.93 MB
pdfKAS IDE Motion Library Reference Manual EN (REV K) English 01 May 2018 9.11 MB
pdfKAS IDE PAC WebServer User Manual EN (REV J) English 30 Jun 2017 2.43 MB
pdfKAS IDE PDMM and PCMM WebServer User Manual EN (REV G) English 10 Oct 2016 2.42 MB
pdfKAS IDE PLC Library Reference Manual EN (REV K) English 01 May 2018 1.85 MB
pdfKAS IDE User Manual EN (REV K) English 01 May 2018 26.53 MB
pdfKAS Release Notes EN (REV H) English 31 May 2018 646.67 KB
pdfKAS Visualization Builder Developer Controls Guide EN (REV A) English 01 Sep 2013 1.22 MB
pdfKAS Visualization Builder HMI Panel Image Users Guide EN (REV A) English 05 Jul 2017 390.57 KB
pdfKAS Visualization Builder Quick Start EN (REV F) English 05 Jul 2017 1.19 MB
pdfKAS Visualization Builder User Guide EN (REV F) English 05 Jul 2017 4.81 MB
pdfPROFIBUS Coupler I/O Terminal Installation Manual English 01 Jun 2011 639.53 KB
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pdfEU Product Liability Directive English 25 Jul 1985 148.59 KB