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Industry 4.0 Ready

Motion Control Programming

Faster, more precise motion can make your machine more efficient and productive. And better motion control can support sophisticated new features that improve operator safety, enhance reliability, reduce changeover and maintenance requirements, and allow your machine to do more. The results of optimized motion programming show up on the factory floor in higher productivity, reduced scrap and greater OEE.

Pipe Network™

Integrated within the Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ development environment, Pipe Network™ provides a graphical programming framework with pre-tested, drag-and-drop motion control blocks that reduce development tasks from weeks to hours while increasing machine throughput by as much as 25 percent or more.

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PLCopen for Motion

For customers who prefer a standardized solution that leverages existing engineering resources, Kollmorgen Automation Suite includes PLCopen for motion. Focused around IEC 61131-3, this structured programming method is widely used to build modular motion applications that are highly interoperable and scalable.

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