This device provides 32 opto-isolated digital inputs designed for high-speed capture (probe). With the ability to use up to 16 simultaneous high-speed capture inputs, this modular board is the perfect solution for multiple position captures for on-the-fly adjustments.

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  • SynqNet® In and Out ports support the full suite of standard SynqNet features such as auto-enumeration, fault recovery, and 100 Mbit/s full-duplex, deterministic, cyclic communication
  • An FPGA supports both the SynqNet protocol and application logic functions
  • The Bowsprit FPGA image management system enables on-site upgrade downloads over SynqNet
  • Isolated power supply accepts 24 VDC input
  • 100 mm width board it offers flexible deployment; can be mounted in a plastic extrusion as part of a DIN rail raft, mounted directly on pillars, or installed in a 3U rack
  • SynqNet connectors: RJ45 standard (Micro-D option)
  • SQID to I/O board connector: 96-pin Type C
  • Power connector: Phoenix 17 77 07 3
  • Input voltage: 24 VDC




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