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Field Power Supply 10A (24VDC): TSIO-8001

This module provides an expansion power supply. Under normal operation, the TSIO-1001 SynqNet® Network Adapter or the TSIO-1002 CANopen Network Adapter supplies a basic field power supply of 10A. If your I/O setup requires current greater than 10A, this expansion power module ensures sufficient current for all slices. It receives external 24V input, converts up to 5V/1A, and supplies new system power to attached slices.
*limited availability in Europe
Title Language(s) Date Type Size
pdfDeclaration of Conformance SynqNet Slice IO English 07 Dec 2016 Documentation 71.42 KB
Slice I/O Documentation English Documentation
pdfEC Machine Directive 2009-127-EC English 21 Oct 2009 Certifications 817.6 KB
pdfEC Machine Directive 2006-42-EC English 06 Sep 2006 Certifications 1.37 MB
pdfProduct Safety Directive English 03 Dec 2001 Certifications 254.32 KB
pdfEU Product Liability Directive English 25 Jul 1985 Certifications 148.59 KB
pdfRAPEX Leitfaden English, German 16 Dec 2009 Certifications 3.17 MB
Title Language(s) Type Date Size
Slice IO Brochure EN-revisionA English Brochure 24 Oct 2011 2.85 MB