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Slice I/O

SynqNet® SLICE I/O products are deployed in a convenient modular package that is simple to wire and add or change slice types. We offer a complete family of input and output slices, including digital, analog and specialty devices.

Network Adapter/Bus Coupler

The SynqNet Network Adapter provides connectivity between I/O slices and the SynqNet network. Each unit accepts up to 256 digital inputs, 256 digital outputs, 16 analog inputs, and 16 analog outputs.

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TSIO-2003 Medium

Digital Input

We offer 4-, 8- and 16-channel modules for digital input, including 5, 24 and 48 VDC versions, and 110 and 220 VAC versions.

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TSIO-4001 Medium

Digital Output

These digital outputs are available in 4-, 8- and 16-channel modules, including 5 and 24 VDC versions in a full range of standard amperages and output types. We also offer relay and TRIAC versions.

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TSIO-6005 Medium

Analog Input

4-terminal single-ended analog inputs are available in a complete range of voltages and amperages. We also offer 2-channel thermocouple and PT resistor inputs.

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TSIO-7001 Medium

Analog Output

2-channel analog outputs are available in all the standard voltage and amperage ranges.

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TSIO-8010 Medium


We supply the field power supplies and distributors, terminal blocks, end modules and other hardware you need to complete the I/O installation for your SynqNet system.

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