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SynqNet I/O

We provide a complete selection of I/O devices for use with SynqNet®, including the RMB-10V2-SynqNet remote motion block for connecting analog devices to a SynqNet system, the modular SQIO (SynqNet I/O) family for building custom digital and analog I/O boards, and a full range of digital, analog and specialty remote SLICE I/O devices.


RMB-10V2-SynqNet connects conventional analog drives into a SynqNet system. Each remote motion block can support up to four axes of high precision analog drives, including digital encoder feedback, DAC outputs, transceivers, and associated I/O.

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SQID Medium


The SQIO product family provides a modular design for flexible support of standard digital and analog SynqNet I/O solutions, as well as custom I/O devices.

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Network adapter-bus coupler medium

Slice I/O

SynqNet SLICE I/O products are deployed in a convenient modular package that is simple to wire and add or change slice types. We offer a complete family of input and output slices, including digital, analog and specialty devices.

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