Slice I/O

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Digital Link Coupler

The Digital Link Coupler provides connectivity between I/O slices and the PiCPro® network. Each unit provides 16 fast inputs (24 VDC), and 16 fast outputs (24 VDC), and accepts up to up to 32 slices with up to 256 digital inputs and 256 digital outputs.

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Digital Input

We offer 4-, 8- and 16-channel modules for digital input, including 5, 12/24 and 48 VDC versions, and 110 and 220 VAC versions.

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Digital Output

These digital outputs are available in 4-, 8- and 16-channel modules, including 5 and 24 VDC versions in a full range of standard amperages and output types. We also offer relay and TRIAC versions.

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Analog Input

4-terminal single-ended analog inputs are available in a complete range of voltages and amperages. We also offer 2-channel thermocouple and RTD (resistive thermal device) inputs.

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Analog Output

1-, 2- and 4-channel analog outputs are available in all the standard voltage and amperage ranges.

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Power Modules

We offer system and field power supplies and field power distributors to ensure you have the correct power available for each Slice I/O module.

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We supply the field power supplies and distributors, terminal blocks, end modules and other hardware you need to complete the I/O installation for your PiCPro system.

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