5-Axis Integrated Stepper

The 5-Axis Integrated Stepper Module contains 5 channels. Each channel can control one stepper motor and receive data from one encoder. The module actually consists of three Block I/O modules contained in one enclosure. Two of the Block I/O modules contain two stepper/encoder channels. The third module contains one stepper/encoder channel.

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  • 5 24 VDC inputs
  • 5 output stepper motor channels:
    • Each stepper channel can control one stepper motor up to 4A peak current
    • Commands and control data are sent to the module, and status and position information are received from the module, via software
    • Status bits include Profile Enabled, Profile Paused, At Velocity, Que Empty, Que Full, Control Word Not Processed, Firmware Version
  • 5 input encoder channels:
    • Each encoder channel can interface to one SSI encoder
    • Information from each encoder can be read by the application program
    • Some SSI encoders have a “double read” capability that allows the module to inform the application program whether the encoder position is valid
    • Status bits include Drive Overcurrent Fault, SSI Double Read Invalid, 24V Status Input (may be used for Encoder Battery Low)





Three modules in one enclosure. Two modules control two stepper motors each and the third module controls one stepper motor. The combined modules have a total of five channels of stepper motor control, five encoder inputs, and five DC inputs

Part number


CPU connectors

Cage-clamp 2.5 mm 6-pin connector block, pluggable, 28-20 AWG/5A

Encoder connectors

Cage-clamp 2.5 mm 8-pin connector block, pluggable, 28-20 AWG/5A

Motor connectors

Cage-clamp 2.5 mm 6-pin connector block, pluggable, 28-20 AWG/5A

Power terminal block

Screw terminal connectors, pluggable, 24-12 AWG/15A

Drive current per phase (running)

.4-4A peak, software programmable

Drive current per phase (stopped)

0-4A peak, software programmable

Steps/rev (1.8° motor)

400 through 51,200, software programmable

DC input

Off = < 5V, ON = > 15V, max = 30V

Motor power

16-33 VAC, isolated

Logic power

20-30 VDC, 300 mA

Cable length, maximum, motor cable

100 ft.

LEDs, logic and module status

CPU/Preceding BIO to Stepper Module IN status

CPU/Preceding BIO to Stepper Module OUT status

Stepper Module to Next BIO Module IN status

Stepper Module to Next BIO Module OUT status

CFG—communication with stepper module established/not established

24V—status of external 24 V power supply/internal +5V logic supply

32V—status of 32V stepper output power supply

Operating temperature range

5° C to 55° C (41° F to 131° F),

Rear center of back plate max. temp. 85° C (185 ° F)

Storage temperature range

-40° C to 85° C (-40° F to 185° F)


5 to 95%, non-condensing

Physical size

1.5" wide 13.5" high 9.0" deep

38.1 mm 342.9 mm 228.6 mm


5-9 Hz (constant amplitude .35 mm)

9-150 Hz (acceleration 1 g)


3 shocks each direction per axis (15g/11msec)

Stepper Section

Position range

±2,147,352,575 steps

Step rate

0 to 1,000,000 steps/sec

Step rate accuracy

ActualRate =  10x106/X


where X is the integer quotient of:


10x106/Programmed Rate

Acceleration/deceleration rate

1 to 16,777,215 steps/sec/sec

Reference range

±2,147,352,575 steps

Response to scan loss

Pulse output halted, motor current = 0

Encoder Section


Absolute Multi-turn

Number of position bits


Clock rate

250 kHz

Cable length, max.

500 ft.



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