Analog Input/Output

The Input/Output Analog module has an input section that connects to voltage output devices for monitoring factors such as pressure, flow, speed, position or temperature. The output section has four independent D/A conversion channels that convert a 16-bit digital word into an analog output signal.

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  • Analog input section:
    • Provides interface between the PiC and voltage output devices to monitor factors such as pressure, flow, speed, position or temperature
    • Four independent analog conversion channels convert unipolar or bipolar analog input voltages or currents into a 14- bit digital value for processing by the PiC’s CPU
    • An external current sense resistor can be added for each channel for use with 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA devices
    • No user-adjustable potentiometers or hardware switches
  • Analog output section:
    • Four independent D/A conversion channels convert a 16-bit digital words into an analog output signals
    • The full range of the output signal is - 10 V to + 10 V, with a resolution of 1 part in 65,536
    • No user-adjustable potentiometers or hardware switches






Converts an analog input signal into a 14-bit digital word for each of four channels.

Converts a 16-bit digital word into a ±10 V analog signal for each of four channels.

Part number


Output channels


Input channels



14 bits, or 16384 steps over the full input range,

16 bits, or 65536 steps over the full output range

Voltage Range

Output ±10 V,

Input ±10 V

Maximum output current (1KΩ load)

±10 mA

Power on output voltage

0V ±100 mV

Scan loss output voltage

0V ±100 mV


Analog Output ±0.375% of FSR Drift ± 50ppm/°C,

Analog Input ±.25 % of FSR

Sample rate

800 μsec (200 μsec per channel)

Update rate

200 μsec (50 μsec per channel)

Common mode filter

3 dB @ 10 KHz

Differential mode filter

3 dB @ 475 Hz

Field side connector

Two 18 pin card edge connectors, screw terminals

Logic side LEDs, module status

Data In LED

Data Out LED

Configured LED

Power LED

Module power requirements

120 mA from an external 24 VDC supply

(20 to 30 VDC range)



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