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PiCPro I/O

We provide a complete selection of I/O devices for PiCPro® applications that require I/O beyond what is available on the control and drives. Choose from a modular, cabinet-mounted Slice I/O system or remote Block I/O devices mounted directly on the machine. Both styles are available in a full range of digital, analog and specialty I/O types.

Slice I/O

Slice I/O is a convenient, modular system that is simple to wire and manage. I/O slices can be added or changed in a matter of minutes. We offer a complete family of input and output slices, including digital, analog and specialty devices.

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Block I/O

Block I/O modules are compact, self-contained, rugged devices designed for installation on the machine, near the sensors or loads under control. By reducing cabinet space and cabling requirements, block I/O can be an ideal solution for reducing machine size and assembly costs.

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