I/O Devices for Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ includes a large selection of remote I/O slices and couplers, all configured for auto-recognition and auto-configuration within our Integrated Development Environment.

KAS Bus End Terminal Medium

Bus Couplers and Specialty Modules

These devices include our EtherCAT Bus Coupler, Standard-Bus End Terminals, Isolation/Separation Terminals, Standard-Bus and Fused Power Feeds, and the PROFIBUS Coupler.

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KAS 4Ch Digital Input Medium

Digital Input

We offer 4- and 8-Channel Digital Inputs.

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KAS 4Ch Digital Output Medium

Digital Output

These 0.5A Digital Outputs are available in 4- and 8-channel versions.

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KAS analog input 4-8 Ch Medium

Analog Input

4 and 8-Channel Analog Inputs at are available in 0 to+10V and 0 to 20mA versions.

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KAS analog output 010 VDC Medium

Analog Output

We offer 4- and 8-Channel Analog Outputs with a choice of 0 to 20mA or 0 to 10V signaling, as well as a 2-Channel Analog Output at 4 to 20mA.

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KAS 2Ch Thermoocouple Medium


These inputs offer a choice of two or four terminals that allow direct connection of thermocouples

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KAS Relay Medium


This 2-channel output terminal has two single-contact relays connected to the power contacts, which are suitable for use up to 230 VAC.

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AKT SM L50 Medium

Stepper Modules

These stepper drive modules are available in 24V, 1.5A and 50V DC, 5A for small and medium stepper motors. Both support velocity and position based modes.

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