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Kollmorgen Visualization Builder™

Build HMI Programming in KAS

Integrate your HMI as part of your complete automation and motion control solution with Kollmorgen Visualization Builder. As a resident feature of Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS), Kollmorgen Visualization Builder (KVB) is an easy-to-use graphical tool that allows you to quickly program your HMI should display and how KAS should operate. The Integrated Development Environment means you don’t have to open multiple programs to complete different tasks.

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Kollmorgen Visualization Builder
Industry 4.0 Ready

A Seamless, All-in-One Solution

With drag-and-drop functionality, you don’t need to be a programmer or rely on third-party software to create the HMI display that works with KAS. Everything happens in one place and saves to one file, instead of saving separate HMI, PLC, or MotionBus files. KVB works best with Kollmorgen HMI panels, such as AKI2G, but can be used with your existing HMI panels as well. Use the Modbus TCP standard to deploy any HMI of your choice using a bit-based protocol for communication between the controller and HMI.

As a part of KAS, KVB allows you to create a program that works easily with the HMI in KAS. In other systems, you have to set up variables manually, give them a name, data type and address. Because KVB is embedded in KAS, you don’t have to do this even once. You can check a box in KVB and it automatically creates the visual for the HMI while creating the corresponding action in KAS. It saves countless time, and since it is automatically mapped, there is no chance for human error that occurs when keying in everything manually.

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  • Multi-window navigation to give visibility into and control over the entire HMI project.
  • Templates to easily create trending views, process recipes, alarm management protocols and more.
  • Multiple text capabilities with change of control based on input value.
  • Support for function keys.
  • Integrated security.

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Count on Kollmorgen support to help you design and build a successful machine and keep it reliably productive, anywhere in the world. Our co-engineering experts will work with you to tailor a perfect-fit solution for your motion requirements.

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Title Language(s) Date Size
zipKollmorgen Visualization Builder Runtime v2.43
Release: 2.43
English 17 Apr 2020 387.27 MB Copy URL
Sample Projects
Title Language(s) Date Size
pdfAKI Panel Converting KVB Projects for Panel Models for KVB 2.0
Release: 2.0
English 31 Jan 2017 97.61 KB Copy URL
zipKVB 2.40 SP3 Sample Project for AKI / AKI2G Panel with AKD
Release: 2.43
English 03 Feb 2022 29.11 MB Copy URL
zipKVB 2.40 SP3 Sample Project for AKI / AKI2G Panel with AKD BASIC
Release: 2.43
English 03 Feb 2022 29.28 MB Copy URL
zipKVB 2.40 SP3 Sample Project for AKI / AKI2G Panel with AKD2G
Release: 2.43
English 18 Jun 2021 29.26 MB Copy URL
Title Language(s) Date Size
zipKollmorgen Visualization Builder IDE (REV 2.40 SP3)
Release: 2.43
English 23 Apr 2020 569.8 MB Copy URL
KVB HMI - Displaying Bitwise Variables in KVB / AKI2G Introduction KAS application developers can combine multiple pieces of information into one variable. One example is storing the status of up to 16 items into a 16-...
HMI Operating System Versions The HMI displays the Windows Embedded version in the lower-left corner of the screen at boot time. For reference, the AKI and AKI2G models are as follows: HMI Model Windows CE 6...
KVB Alarms Video - Creating And Using Them With AKI HMI Panels Kollmorgen Visualization Builder (KVB) software has built in alarm features. Users can easily determine when certain values of tags will raise alarms, how they are displayed on the HMI, how they can...
KVB Security Features Video The video embedded below goes through how to add security features with Kollmorgen Visualization Builder (KVB). Shows how to create accounts with different levels of security and how to make objects...
Adding multiple languages to a KVB Project The below video shows how to add multiple languages inside one project in the Kollmorgen Visualization Builder (KVB) software. Using a built-in action, the user can change all the strings in an HMI...