Kollmorgen Visualization Builder

Kollmorgen Visualization Builder™ is our graphical tool for building the software that defines the human machine interface. An integral part of the total Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ development environment, Kollmorgen Visualization Builder gives you a quick, easy way to create your HMI program and transfer it to a standalone HMI panel. The standalone HMI panels are used in a KAS system, with AKD PDMM or with the base AKD or AKD BASIC versions.

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  • Choose application variables (tags) to be used by Kollmorgen Visualization Builder—the file is created automatically from the PLC environment and brought directly into your Kollmorgen HMI project to simplify and speed development.
  • Alternatively, use the Modbus TCP standard to deploy any HMI of your choice using a bit-based protocol for communication between the controller and HMI.
  • Program your HMI within Kollmorgen Automation Suite’s fully integrated graphical development environment.
  • Multi-window navigation gives you visibility into and control over the entire HMI project.
  • Easily create trending views, process recipes, alarm management protocols and more.
  • Multiple text capabilities, with change of control based on input value.
  • Support for function keys.
  • Integrated security.




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