eZMP-SynqNet Controllers

The eZMP SynqNet controller is a high performance standalone controller that integrates precision motion control with a flexible, expandable, and upgradeable industrial computer capable of autonomous machine control and user interface operation.

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The eZMP supports up to 64 axes of motion and up to 17,000 points of I/O control and has Ethernet, USB, Video, serial, and PCI connectivity. Program the eZMP using Visual Basic, C/C++/C# or other 3rd party software packages. The eZMP is also a SynqNet motion network master for fast, safe, and proven plug and play SynqNet amplifiers and I/O devices. The eZMP is an ideal controls product for semiconductor, electronic assembly, machine tool, general robotics and specialty machine applications.

The eZMP is a standalone machine controller that integrates a dedicated motion processor with an upgradeable XYZ processor module, power supply, I/O and network connection. The eZMP is designed for high performance OEM applications that demand flexible programming environments and scalability.

Ideal for specialty machine applications such as general robotics, special purpose machine tool, semiconductor and electronic assembly, the eZMP controller supports up to 64 axes of motion and 17,000 points of I/O control, and has Ethernet, USB, and VGA connectivity. The eZMP can also be programmed using Visual Basic, C/C++/C# or other third party software packages. It enables the Windows XPe operating system to be utilized as an open and scalable machine control platform. Support for other real-time operating systems is also available, and built-in connectivity includes Ethernet TCP/IP, USB 2.0, Device USB, VGA and serial port interfaces. 




  • SynqNet network interface provides high-speed synchronous network connection to drives and I/O modules
  • Integrated PC & ZMP controller
  • Motion control powered by a real-time, 64-bit floating point DSP
  • Supports up to 64 tightly coordinated axes
  • Servo update rates up to 48 kHz
  • Windows XPe operating system
  • PCI expansion slot
  • EtherNet, USB, VGA, and serial port connectivity




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