The mid-level performance ZMP-SynqNet®-LT incorporates a 64-bit PowerPC processor with 266MHz for optimum flexibility and speed. The ZMP-LT controller offers servo update rates up to 23 kHz, and can support up to 32 axes and 32 SynqNet nodes. ZMP-LT is optimized to work with MechaWare™ for the ultimate in precision control and is available in PCI form factor.

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  • ZMP-SynqNet-LT PCI Controller:
    • CPU: PowerPC 64-bit floating point, up to 266MHz
    • Memory: 16MB SDRAM/133MHz
    • Connectors: RJ45 SynqNet In/Out connectors, high-density D-15 I/O connector
  • Can be programmed with either the MPI programming library for C/C++ or the MPX programming library for Visual Basic .NET and C#
  • Optimized to work with MechaWare™ for the ultimate in precision control
  • Supports up to 32 nodes with 32 axes
  • Over 16,000 bits of digital I/O and 1,000 points of analog I/O
  • Real-time diagnostics over SynqNet®
  • Self-healing, fault-tolerant operation using ring topology
  • Hot-replace allows replacement of nodes without network shutdown
  • Servo loop update rate: user-programmable up to  kHz (4 axes)



  • Optimum control of machines requiring high levels of coordination and synchronization between axes
  • Shared memory map architecture minimizes latency and maximizes machine throughput
  • On-the-fly motion and gain set modifications minimize cycle and settling times
  • Real-time operating system support reduces overall system cost by enabling deterministic usage of host processor for optimized machine design
  • Tight coordination between motion and I/O via the SynqNet® network reduces machine development costs by providing real-time system visibility and motion optimization

Agency Approvals

ZMP-SYNQNET-PC-RJ CE Declaration of ConformanceZMP-SYNQNET-PC-RJ CE Declaration of Conformance188.2 KB6/1/2017Email


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