This analog controller is capable of operating 16 axes at a sample rate of 5 KHz, or 8 axes at a sample rate of 10 kHz. Each axis can be configured independently to control a servo or stepper motor. Expansion modules are available to increase the number of axes under control. This model fits CompactPCI-6U slots. It is serviced for existing customers only.

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  • Can be hosted by a Compact PCI computer with a 32-bit direct memory interface and 6U expansion slots
  • Capable of handling up to 16 axes, with expansion modules available to add 16 more axes
  • Each axis can be independently configured to control a servo or stepper motor
  • Each axis can be configured to sinusoidally commutate servo motors via two analog outputs
  • Optional SIM4 scale interpolation modules are also available for increased position resolution when using encoders with sinusoidal outputs
  • Full tuning capability with PID and advanced, post-PID filtering options for each axis, including gain-scheduling and dual-loop control
  • Stepper output rates can be as high as 2.5 MHz
  • Direct-digital pulse train can control an open or closed loop motor, enabling frequency-controlled servo operation
  • Axes can be configured for step-direction or clockwise-counterclockwise operation
  • Motion feedback can be standard quadrature from an incremental encoder (10 MHz max, 40 MHz count rate), ±10 volt analog differential signal, or analog encoder signal routed to a 4096x Scale Interpolation Module (SIM4)



  • Fully integrated architecture for safe, rapid, precise motion control
  • SHARC DSP optimizes system efficiency by handling all motion control tasks while freeing host resources for higher-level commands
  • Dedicated, DSP-based motion control optimizes safety: the controller’s on-board watchdog timers constantly monitor handshaking, and a dedicated, general purpose E-stop input is at the ready


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