PiCPro® provides a complete, general-purpose automation platform including motion controllers, servo motors and drives, operator interfaces and all the software needed to create a complete solution. Offering a choice of PC-based, drive-resident or standalone controls, this IEC 61131-based platform has a proven track record of success in packaging, printing, converting and other industries that require high performance and reliability in demanding industrial environments.

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PiCPro® Programming Software

PiCPro® offers a complete toolset for programming motion applications that can run on a choice of PC-based, drive-resident or standalone controllers. Motion can be easily programmed using ladder logic counters and timers, while sophisticated functions such as multi-tasking simplify tough application problems.
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HMI Programming

PiCPro offers a choice of EXTER™ HMI terminals or H-Series HMI panels. Whichever option you choose, we provide powerful, easy-to-use software for programming the human-machine interface.
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MMC Standalone Controllers

The MMC (Machine and Motion Control) family includes IEC 61131-based standalone controllers that provide up to 64 axes of servo motion control along with Ethernet device connectivity, expandable I/O capabilities and the ability to daisy-chain up to 16 MMC Smart Drives.
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MMC for PC Controllers

For customers who prefer a PC-based control solution, our MMC for PC Controllers offer up to 32 axes of motion control in a PCI Card that’s easy to install, program and integrate with your I/O devices, servo drives and host PC software.
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MMC Smart Drive-Resident Controllers

Our MMC Smart Drive family offers a drive-resident controller to provide programmable control in the same footprint as a standard drive. Additional MMC Smart Drives can be daisy-chained together to provide up to 16 axes of control.
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MMC Smart Drive

MMC Smart Drive Series amplifiers provide 0.5kW to 65kW continuous output power for servo control in a compact, easy-to-apply package. Available in both 230VAC and 460VAC systems, these drives can be daisy-chained together for centralized MMC control.
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PiCPro® includes a large selection of slice I/O and block I/O expansion modules with a wide input/output channel configurations.

Slice I/O

Our modular Slice I/O systems include digital and analog slices with a wide choice in signaling type, range, and the number of inputs and outputs. We also offer a Digital Link coupler, power modules and accessories for a complete I/O installation.
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Block I/O

We offer Block I/O modules for remote expansion of digital and analog I/O capabilities. Each module includes its own logic power supply and communication interface, allowing you to distribute small groups of interface logic close to the actual location of I/O devices.
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EXER™ HMI Panels

The EXTER™ Series provides nineteen keypad and touchscreen panels from 3.5 to 15 inches, featuring Intel Xscale processors, robust construction, multiple communication ports and award-winning design.
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H-Series HMI Panels

Available in seven sizes from 3 to 10.4 inches, H-Series panels offer a choice of standard, plus-enhanced and network-enhanced functionality, allowing you to economically choose the level of HMI functionality you need for your machine.
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EnDat and BiSS Cables

Kollmorgen provides cables in the lengths and configurations you need for connecting encoders that use the high-performance EnDat and BiSS serial protocols.
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Incremental Encoder Cables

We offer pre-built, shielded incremental encoder cables in a variety of lengths.
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Ethernet Cables

We supply the highest-quality Ethernet cables for connecting multiple MMC Smart Drives as well as connecting to third-party devices, plant networks and more. You can even run PiCPro over Ethernet, either directly or remotely.
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RS232 Cables

The complete PiCPro® solution includes RS232 cables for connecting HMI panels and serial control devices.
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