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PiCPro Controller Hardware

We offer a wide selection of standalone motion controllers, with options optimized for the PiCPro® system.

MMC Standalone

For PiCPro systems, the MMC family provides integrated machine logic and motion control solutions for 1 to 64 axes. This series uses Ethernet TCP/IP networking and IEC1131 ladder logic for machine control programming.

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The PiC900 and PiC90 provide fully integrated logic and motion control for PiCPro systems, with support for up to 32 motion axes and motion control capabilities that range from positioning to indexing, gearing, cam profiling, interpolation and more.

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MMC for PC

For PicPro systems, this series of PC Card controllers includes a 32-bit RISC processor that provides real-time control for up to 32 axes. Servo amplifiers can be connected using either a SERCOS fiber optic interface or an analog interface.

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Drive-Resident MMC Smart Drive Controller

Our drive-resident controller for PiCPro® systems fits inside a standard MMC Smart Drive to provide control for up to 16 axes without increasing your machine’s footprint or wiring requirements.

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