SynqNet® Interface Cables

Pre-built interface cables for your SynqNet® network are available in a variety of lengths with MicroD/MicroD, RJ45/RJ45 or RJ45/MicroD connectors. These cables are built with high-quality, shielded CAT5 cable. If you need a custom cable, please contact your Kollmorgen representative.

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  • MicroD / MicroD Connectors (length/part number):
    • 200mm/C005-0001
    • 1.2m/C005-0002
    • 10m/C005-0003
    • 3m/C005-0004
  • RJ45 / RJ45 Connectors (length/part number):
    • 1.2m/C007-0001
    • 3m/C007-0002
    • 10m/C007-0003
  • RJ45 / MicroD Connectors (length/part number):
    • 1.2m/C006-0001
    • 10m/C006-0002
    • 3m/C006-0003
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