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In addition to delivering thrust, rodless actuators carry the load without the need for external guides and ways. Screw-driven models are best for axial force applications where space is limited and the payload must be supported. Timing belt models are ideal for higher speed, lower thrust repeatability-driven applications. These systems can be combined into complete Cartesian systems for multi-axis applications.
Rodless Positioners - R2A Medium

R2A Series >

The R2A Series offers a carriage bearing design that produces lower bearing friction, smoother operation and zero running clearance. A flexible seal prevents environmental contamination and ensures long life, making the R2A Series an effective solution for industrial-grade requirements.

Rodless Positioners - R3 Medium

R3 Series >

R3 Series rodless actuators provide a robust design with an internal linear motion guide rail and built-in flexible seal to ensure reliable operation in industrial environments. Equipped for high loads or high acceleration with maximum duty cycle, the R3 Series is available with either belt drive for the most rapid moves or screw drive for the highest thrust capacity and repeatability.

Rodless Positioners - R4 Medium

R4 Series >

The R4 Series is our most powerful rodless actuator, designed to quickly accelerate, accurately position and reliably support the heaviest loads. An internal linear motion guide rail with a built-in flexible seal withstands maximum duty cycle in harsh industrial environments.

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