Linear Actuators Comparison

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Linear Actuators & Motion Systems

Kollmorgen offers a wide variety of linear actuators and motion systems. A linear actuator motion system consists of a rotary motor combined with a mechanical actuator that converts the rotary motion of the motor to linear motion. Kollmorgen offers electric cylinders where the load is attached to a rod that moves in and out. These linear actuators are perfect for replacing air and hydraulic cylinders. Kollmorgen also offers precision tables and rodless actuators that have carriages that move the load from point to point. Rodless actuators and Precision tables contain their own bearing systems and are great for applications where there is no additional bearing support. In addition, Kollmorgen's precision tables and rodless actuators can be configured into xy and xyz configurations to position loads in 2 or 3 dimensions.

Linear Actuators - Electric Cylinders - Kollmorgen

Electric Cylinders

Electric cylinders from Kollmorgen offer strong thrust, high speed and exceptional positioning accuracy. Designed to provide a clean, efficient replacement for hydraulic actuators and pneumatic cylinders, these high-precision, closed-loop systems have rapidly become the preferred alternative for many linear applications.

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Rodless Positioners - R2A Medium - Kollmorgen

Rodless Actuators

Instead of the moving rod of an electric cylinder, these rodless positioners feature a moving carriage supported by linear bearings within an extruded aluminum chassis. This design enables the rodless actuator to guide and support the load being positioned.

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DS4-6 Medium

Precision Tables

Precision tables are best suited for applications where accuracy and repeatability are more important than axial thrust. They can also be used in applications that require substantial moment load support, and they’re ideal building blocks for multi-axis positioning systems.

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Direct Drive Linear

A Direct Drive Linear (DDL) motor is basically a rotary motor that is laid out flat and directly coupled to the driven load, eliminating the need for ball/lead screws, rack and pinions, belts/pulleys and gearboxes.

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