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TRUE Planetary™ Gearheads

Our gearheads incorporate TRUE Planetary gearing for high torque capacity, smooth operation and minimal maintenance. So you can count on optimum performance, whether you need a general-purpose gearhead, an ultra-precise model, a washdown or food-grade version, or a complete gearmotor.

Gearmotors - AKM™ Series Precision - Kollmorgen

AKM™ Gearmotor - Precision

The high-precision models in our AKM Series gearmotors incorporate ValueTRUE™ gearheads for industry-leading smoothness, torque and precision. The crowned, helical-cut gears limit backlash to only 4 arc-minutes while providing substantially greater torque and radial load capacity than our standard gearmotors.


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Gearmotors - AKM™ Series Standard - Kollmorgen

AKM™ Gearmotor - Standard

Our standard AKM™ Series gearmotors combine the industry-leading torque density and speed capabilities of AKM servomotors with the proven performance of our NemaTRUE™ planetary gearheads. They’re available in four standard NEMA frame sizes and a wide range of ratios.

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Gearheads - DuraTRUE™ - Kollmorgen


The DuraTRUE™ Series offers high-precision gearheads with a variety of shaft configurations, allowing you to design your system in the smallest of envelopes by eliminating the need for couplings. You can even run two axes with one motor using the DuraTRUE “T” design.

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Gearheads - EverTRUE™ - Kollmorgen


For continuous duty cycle applications, our EverTRUE™ Series gearheads are lubricated for life and rated for at least 30,000 hours of 24/7 operation. These high-precision gearheads are compatible with our RediMount mounting system for easy installation on almost any motor.

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NemaTRUE Medium


NemaTRUE™ gearheads are available in four standard NEMA sizes, three metric sizes, and both in-line and right-angle versions—all featuring our RediMount mounting system. These precision gearheads provide a versatile and economical solution for many applications..

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PowerTRUE Medium

PowerTRUE™ Technology

Right-angle bevel gear meshes are typically limited to ratios from 1:1 to 3:1. Our PowerTRUE™ 90 gear technology uses an advanced tooth design to increase the ratio range to 5:1. It’s available on NemaTRUE, DuraTRUE, UltraTRUE and ValueTRUE 90° gearheads.

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Redimount system medium

RediMount™ System

The RediMount™ motor mounting system allows mounting of our TRUE Planetary gearheads to practically any motor available on the market. The innovative design, featuring an adapter sleeve and input housing, ensures that gearhead mounting Is always quick, easy and error-free.

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UltraTRUE Medium


The UltraTRUE™ Series combines our highest-precision helical crowned gearing with TRUE Planetary orientation to create the smoothest and quietest gearheads on the market today. A wide range of metric frame sizes and gear ratios are available in straight and 90° versions.

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ValueTRUE Medium


Our ValueTRUE™ Series delivers high precision at a competitive price. With only 4 arc-minutes of backlash, and available in a wide range of frame sizes and ratios, they’re perfect as original equipment or as a drop-in replacement for most common helical gearheads.

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Gearheads - XTRUE™ - Kollmorgen


The XTRUE™ Series offers a cost-effective solution with robust features. With five frame sizes, straight and 90° versions, and our RediMount™ mounting system, these precision gearheads provide easy installation and reliable performance.

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