Centurion Servo Systems

DSM and DSA Series Centurion drives can run both brushless servo motors and induction motors, and provide the ability to act as an analog input velocity servo, variable speed drive, stepper drive replacement or master encoder follower complete with electronic gearing. These systems are supported for existing customers only.

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DSA Series:

  • Fully digital servo drives delivering 500 W to 22 kW continuous power
  • Wide voltage supply range: 100 to 528 VAC single- and three-phase
  • Up to 64 predetermined index moves
  • Integral power supply to simplify installation
  • Choice of command sources:
    • SERCOS digital fiber optic
    • +/- 10 volt analog velocity, position or torque
    • Step/direction input with electronic gearing
    • Electronic gearing to auxiliary encoder
    • RS232/RS485 host command language
  • Fully digital current, velocity and position loop control
  • Extremely smooth sinusoidal commutation
  • Oscilloscope function for easy troubleshooting
  • Built-in positioning capability for standalone applications


DSM Series:

  • Models with 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 7.5 and 15 kW continuous output power ratings
  • 100 to 240 VAC single-phase input (single-phase or three-phase for the 75 amp version
  • Drives either sinusoidal AC brushless or induction motors
  • Choice of command sources:
    • +/- 10V analog input
    • Step/direction input (also step up/step down) with electronic gearing
    • Auxiliary master encoder input with electronic gearing
    • Eight preset positions/speeds/torques selected via 3 digital input lines
    • RS-232/485 commands
  • Built-in power supplies (including 24V I/O supply) – no external source required except AC line
  • Auxiliary AC input to power logic only
  • DC bus available externally for power leveling or use of shared power supplies
  • Fully digital current, velocity and position loop control
  • Flash memory and removable personality module for parameter storage and simple field upgrades
  • Multiple digital and analog inputs/outputs
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