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AKD® Series Servo Drives

The Kollmorgen AKD® Series includes a complete range of Ethernet-based servo drives that are fast, feature-rich, flexible and easy to integrate into any application. These next-generation drives offer plug-and-play commissioning for instant, seamless access to everything in your machine. Paired with our best-in-class servo components, AKD drives offer industry-leading performance, communication options and power levels—all in a smaller footprint.

Product available worldwide
AKD Servo Drive
Industry 4.0 Ready

Quick Commissioning and Optimization

Use our WorkBench software's fast auto-tuning, multi-function bode plots for performance optimization, and one-click capture and sharing of program plots and parameter settings to quickly get your machine up and running.

More Features



  • Can be embedded with our innovative Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ for high-performance single- and multi-axis systems
  • Kollmorgen WorkBench graphical user interface for easy set-up and programming
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with Kollmorgen motors
  • Optically isolated I/O with screw terminal I/O connectors
  • Highest bandwidth torque-and-velocity loops.  Fastest digital current loop in the market.
  • Full-frequency, wizard-based autotuning
  • Fast data acquisition with PC-compatible TCP/IP Ethernet service channel
  • Real-time performance feedback
  • Feedback Devices: Smart Feedback Devices (SFD), EnDat2.2 & 2.1, BiSS, Analog Sine/Cos encoder, incremental encoder, HIPERFACE®, and resolver 
  • Multiple bus choices for system optimization, including EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET RT, Modbus/TCP, CANopen®, and SynqNet™.
  • SIL-qualified, over-voltage, current, and temperature detection provided for added dependability
  • Option cards available to increase I/O, add NVRAM and boost processing power


  • Easy to use, with plug-and-play motor setup, advanced autotuning, and an intuitive graphical interface for programming and troubleshooting
  • The fastest drive in its class for the most precise motion and highest throughput
  • Versatile, with support for multiple Ethernet connectivity options, feedback devices, bus choices and additional options
  • Robust, compact design with industry-leading power density
  • Available in power ranges to suit virtually any application requirement


120/240 VAC - 1 & 3 Phase (85-265 V)

Rated Data Units AKD-x00306 AKD-x00606 AKD-x01206 AKD-x02406
Drive Continuous Output Power Watts 1100 2000 4000 8000
Rated supply voltage V 120/240
Control logic, supply voltage V 24
Rated output current (RMS value ±3%) A 3 6 12 24
Peak output current (±3%) A 9 18 30 48
Peak time s 5
Current loop Bandwidth max. kHz 2.5 to 4 2 to 3
Velocity loop Bandwidth max. Hz 0 to 1000 0 to 800 0 to 600
Position loop Bandwidth max. Hz 1 to 250
Update rate MHz 1.5
Weight (standard width) kg 1.1 2 3.7
Weight (extended width) kg 1.3 2.2 4
Height, without connectors mm 168 196 248
Height, with connector mm 200 225 280
Standard Width front/back mm 54/59 72/78.4 96/100
Extended Width front/back mm 84/89 91/96 96/100
Depth, without connectors mm 156 187 228
Depth, with connectors mm 185 < 215 < 265

240/480 Vac - 3 Phase (187-528 V)

Rated Data Units AKD-x00307 AKD-x00607 AKD-x01207 AKD-x02407 AKD-x04807
Drive Continuous Output Power Watts 2000 4000 8000 16,000 32,000
Rated supply voltage V 240/480
Control logic, supply voltage V 24
Rated output current (RMS value ±3%) A 3 6 12 24 48
Peak output current (±3%) A 9 18 30 48 96
Peak time s 5
Current loop Bandwidth max. kHz 2.5 to 4 2 to 3
Velocity loop Bandwidth max. Hz 0 to 800 0 to 600
Position loop Bandwidth max. Hz 1 to 250
Update rate MHz 1.5
Weight (standard width) kg 2.7 5.3 11.5
Weight (extended width) kg 2.9 5.5 11.7
Height, without connectors mm 256 306 385
Height, with connector mm 290 340 526
Standard Width front/back mm 65/70 99/105 185/185
Extended Width front/back mm 95/100 99/105 -
Depth, without connectors mm 185 228 225
Depth, with connectors mm < 225 < 265 < 265

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KSM SmallOur modular safety solutions interface with AKD drives and Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ to provide seamless access to all important safe motion functions – including a complete range of PLe and SIL3 safe stop, velocity, position, direction and brake functions. Complete the motion safety chain, from sensor to drive, with our KSM-compact Safety Module or KSM-modular Safety PLC.

KSM Safety Solutions  

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For more than 100 years, Kollmorgen has been creating innovative solutions that bring big ideas to reality, keep the world safer and improve lives. Our history of reliability is unsurpassed, and our solutions are supported through engineering centers of excellence and customer service in all major regions of the world.

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Title Language(s) Date Size
pdfAKD CANopen Communications Manual EN (REV Y) English 12 Nov 2020 2.27 MB Copy URL
pdfAKD Control Box Schematic English 03 Nov 2015 45.35 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD EtherCat Communications EN Manual (REV U) English 12 Nov 2020 3.19 MB Copy URL
pdfAKD EtherNetIP Communications Manual EN (REV H) English 07 Nov 2018 830.9 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD EtherNetIP with RSLogix Communications Manual EN (REV K) English 12 Nov 2020 934.01 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD Fault Card EN (REV U) English 12 Nov 2020 2.79 MB Copy URL
pdfAKD HMI Modbus Communications Manual EN (REV A) English 13 Dec 2014 881.5 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD Installation Manual EN (REV AE) English 31 Aug 2021 28.42 MB Copy URL
pdfAKD ProfiNet Communications Manual EN (REV P) English 10 Dec 2019 2.16 MB Copy URL
pdfAKD Quick Start EN (REV F) English 01 Feb 2016 1.5 MB Copy URL
pdfAKD Safety Notes EN DE FR IT PT ES RU ZH (REV D) Chinese, Simplified, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazil, Russian, Spanish 07 Sep 2021 948.47 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD Sercos Communications Manual EN (REV D) English 01 Feb 2016 426.5 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD SynqNet Communications Manual EN (REV F) English 12 Nov 2020 534.42 KB Copy URL
AKD WorkBench Online Help/User Guide English 10 Dec 2019 Copy URL
pdfAKD2G, AKD Accessories Guide Europe EN (REV 08-2021) English 07 Sep 2021 7.02 MB Copy URL
pdfAKD2G, AKD and S700 Accessories Guide North America EN (REV K) English 29 Sep 2020 5.36 MB Copy URL
pdfCANopen PDO Setup Objects English 10 Jan 2011 16.36 KB Copy URL
pdfCANopen Protocol Quick Reference Guide English 02 Jul 2008 57.74 KB Copy URL
pdfPart Number Scheme AKD-B/P/T/M English 15 Sep 2021 366.98 KB Copy URL
Title Language(s) Date Size
pdf1G Performance Feedback Cable (CF-DA0374N-XX-X) REACH SVHC Certification English 20 Aug 2020 66.31 KB Copy URL
pdf1G Performance Feedback Cable (CF-DA0374N-XX-X) RoHS Certification English 20 Aug 2020 68.25 KB Copy URL
pdf1G Performance Power Cable (CP-507CCAN-XX-X) REACH SVHC Certification English 20 Aug 2020 65.12 KB Copy URL
pdf1G Performance Power Cable (CP-507CCAN-XX-X) RoHS Certification English 20 Aug 2020 66.68 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD 48A TUV Safety Certificate English, German 06 Oct 2021 691.54 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD EU RoHS Declaration (RoHS10) English 28 Oct 2021 278.28 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD EU RoHS Declaration (RoHS6) English, German 01 Oct 2015 44.37 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD REACH SVHC Certificate of Compliance English 28 Oct 2021 279.59 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD STO SIL2/PLd English, German 28 Sep 2010 91.71 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD-x04807 EU Declaration of Conformity English 06 Oct 2021 144.19 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD1G Drives UKCA Declaration of Conformity English 21 Oct 2021 155 KB Copy URL
pdfEAC Certification for Drives English, Russian 06 Jun 2019 1.55 MB Copy URL
pdfISO 9001:2015 Certificate English, German 07 Sep 2019 929.23 KB Copy URL
pdfKollmorgen EU Declaration of Conformity AKD English 20 May 2020 562.62 KB Copy URL
Kollmorgen WEEE Statement (RoHS, RoHS2 and EU Directive 2012/19) English, German 05 Jun 2020 Copy URL
Application Notes
Title Language(s) Date Size
pdfA Simplified Machine Design Approach for Optimal Servomotor Control English 05 Feb 2015 522.96 KB Copy URL
pdfAKD System Configuration For the Kollmorgen DDL Linear Motors EN (REV N) English 13 Aug 2017 2.98 MB Copy URL
pdfGrounding and Shielding Existing Equipment English 04 May 2012 407.27 KB Copy URL
pdfServo Motor Phasing with Hall Commutation English 05 Feb 2015 524.36 KB Copy URL
pdfServomotor Parameters and their Proper Conversions for Servo Drive Utilization and Comparison English 05 Feb 2015 656.98 KB Copy URL
pdfSetup Instructions for TwinCAT3 with the AKD English 23 Feb 2016 533.15 KB Copy URL
Title Language(s) Date Size
pdfAKD-xzzzz-0069 Datasheet EN (REV 01/2019) English 29 Jan 2019 330.18 KB Copy URL
Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide English 14 Mar 2019 Copy URL
Title Language(s) Date Size
AKD Components Brochure EN revB English 06 Oct 2011 1.81 MB Copy URL
AKD Scalability Brochure EN RevC English 20 Oct 2014 5.32 MB Copy URL
Kollmorgen Motion Components Brochure EN RevB English 14 Oct 2011 1.81 MB Copy URL
Title Language(s) Date Size
Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide English 14 Mar 2019 21.67 MB Copy URL
Kollmorgen Automation and Motion Control English 14 Jun 2021 15.53 MB Copy URL
Kollmorgen Automation Solutions and Product Catalog EMEA English 21 Jun 2018 15.99 MB Copy URL

These 3D models are intended to guide your design activities and may be used as reference information. Be sure to consult a Kollmorgen expert to ensure you have the most current and accurate information for critical aspects of design work

Title Language(s) Date Size
pdf12 AMP Power Cable English 13 Nov 2012 87.96 KB Copy URL
pdf12 AMP Power Cable With Brake English 13 Nov 2012 53.81 KB Copy URL
pdf24 AMP Power Cable English 13 Nov 2012 48.23 KB Copy URL
pdf24 AMP Power Cable With Brake English 13 Nov 2012 72.42 KB Copy URL
2D/3D Models for AKD English 24 Sep 2018 Copy URL
pdf6 AMP Power Cable English 13 Nov 2012 48.16 KB Copy URL
pdfEtherCAT Coupler DRW English 21 Aug 2015 97.96 KB Copy URL
pdfFeedback Resolver Cable English 13 Nov 2012 106.14 KB Copy URL
pdfSine Encoder Feedback Cable English 13 Nov 2012 164.84 KB Copy URL
Sample Projects
Title Language(s) Date Size
zipAdd On Instruction Library for AKD EtherNet/IP
Release: 5, 5.0
English 21 Jan 2020 2.74 MB Copy URL
AKD Drive Automation Using Modbus with a Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLC English 09 Sep 2015 Copy URL
zipAKD STEP 7 PROFINET Sample Project v02 for Siemens S7-300 PLC
Release: 2.8
English 06 Mar 2014 335.62 KB Copy URL
zipKVB 2.40 SP3 Sample Project for AKI2G Panel and AKD Motion Tasking
Release: 2.43
English 18 Jun 2021 446.87 KB Copy URL
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