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AKD® BASIC Programmable Drives

The AKD® BASIC Series provides all the performance features of our AKD Series, along with built-in machine and motion control that can be programmed in BASIC using Kollmorgen’s integrated development environment. With control functions on the drive itself, there’s no need for a separate PLC—reducing design time, wiring requirements and panel space while enabling more complex processes and higher performance.
Product available worldwide
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Industry 4.0 Ready


  • Machine control and high-performance motion controller built in to the drive for 1.5-axis control (1 real, 1 virtual axis)
  • Standard version:
    • 7 configurable digital inputs (+1 dedicated to enable)
    • 2 configurable digital outputs (+1 fault relay)
    • 1 analog input and 1 analog output
    • Service port for commissioning, programming and Modbus TCP/IP
  • Expanded I/O version:
    • 20 digital inputs (1 dedicated to enable)
    • 12 digital outputs (1 dedicated fault relay)
    • 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs
    • SD memory card for program and parameter storage
    • Service port for commissioning, programming and Modbus TCP/IP
  • Available in the same power and voltage levels as our AKD® Series
  • BASIC programming language, including the ability to use conditional statements
  • Programming interface is a standard feature of AKD WorkBench, and includes ease-of-use features such as automatic syntax highlighting, auto-complete, auto-format and code templates
  • Source code lockout feature with password protection


  • With the addition of an on-drive BASIC-programmable drive/controller, the AKD® Series achieves a new milestone for versatility and ease of use
  • AKD BASIC allows single-axis applications to be handled in the same package sizes as the standard AKD drive, without the need for a separate controller
  • The Expanded I/O version integrates additional digital and analog inputs/outputs, eliminating the need for remote I/O and providing even greater capability to serve as a complete machine/motion control package
  • Eliminating the need for a separate PLC substantially reduces design time, wiring requirements, panel space and overall cost
  • BASIC programming language is widely used, easy to learn, and enables quicker programming of more complex motion processes
  • BASIC supports conditional statements, camming, S-curve, limitless motion profiles and other techniques for more advanced motion
  • Menu-driven programming within AKD WorkBench offers intelligent formatting, templates and debugging capabilities to speed development and assist in code documentation
  • Expanded I/O version supports SD memory card for easy program transfer and maintenance, without the need for a PC
  • Source code lockout protects your intellectual property and your machine’s differentiating features
120/240 VAC
1 & 3 Phase (85-265 V)
Current (A RMS)
Peak Current
Drive Continuous
Output Power (Watts)
AKD-x00306 3 9 1100
AKD-x00606 6 18 2000
AKD-x01206 12 30 4000
AKD-x02406 24 48 8000
240/480 Vac
3 Phase (187-528 V)
Current (A RMS)
Peak Current
Drive Continuous
Output Power (Watts)
AKD-x00307 3 9 2000
AKD-x00607 6 18 4000
AKD-x01207 12 30 8000
AKD-x02407 24 48 16,000
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
pdfAKD Fault Card EN (REV T) English 10 Dec 2019 335.97 KB
pdfAKD Installation Manual EN (REV AC) English 10 Dec 2019 26.54 MB
pdfAKD Quick Start EN (REV F) English 01 Feb 2016 1.5 MB
pdfAKD Safety Notes EN DE FR IT PT ES RU ZH (REV A) Chinese, Simplified, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazil, Russian, Spanish 05 Feb 2020 1.11 MB
AKD WorkBench Online Help/User Guide English 10 Dec 2019
pdfAKD2G, AKD Accessories Guide Europe EN (REV 11-2019) English 10 Dec 2019 6.67 MB
pdfAKD2G, AKD and S700 Accessories Guide North America EN (REV J) English 10 Dec 2019 5.35 MB
pdfPart Number Scheme AKD-B/P/T/M English 25 Aug 2015 395.3 KB
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
pdfAKD-x04807 EU Declaration of Conformity English 20 Oct 2017 15.9 KB
pdfApprovals and Certifications English, German, Russian 04 May 2017 2.66 MB
pdfEAC Certification for Drives English, Russian 06 Jun 2019 1.55 MB
pdfISO 9001:2015 Certificate English, German 07 Sep 2019 929.23 KB
pdfKollmorgen EU Declaration of Conformity AKD English 07 Oct 2016 191.07 KB
pdfRoHS General Declaration English, German 01 Oct 2015 44.37 KB
Application Notes
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
xlsConversion of PacSci OC950 to AKD BASIC Parameters English 13 Feb 2015 61.5 KB
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide English 14 Mar 2019
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
AKD Scalability Brochure EN RevC English 20 Oct 2014 5.32 MB
AKD-BASIC Brochure RevA EN English 20 Oct 2014 708.73 KB
Kollmorgen AKD BASIC Flyer en-gb revA English 22 Nov 2012 1.33 MB
Kollmorgen Motion Components Brochure EN RevB English 14 Oct 2011 1.81 MB
Kollmorgen AKD BASIC Flyer de-de revA German 22 Nov 2012 1.36 MB
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
Kollmorgen Automation and Motion Control English 06 Nov 2019 15.76 MB
Kollmorgen Automation Solutions and Product Catalog EMEA English 21 Jun 2018 15.99 MB
Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) Catalog English 01 Dec 2017 14.02 MB
Kollmorgen Automationslösungen Katalog German 09 Apr 2017 11.17 MB
KOLLMORGEN Motion Control- und Antriebslösungen Katalog CH German 01 Jan 2020 13.54 MB
Kollmorgen Catalogo Automazione e Motion Control IT Italian 01 Jan 2020 12.08 MB
Kollmorgen otomasyon ve hareket kontrol çözümleri kataloğu TR Turkish 12 Feb 2016 11.05 MB
科尔摩根 运动控制及伺服系统解决方案 Chinese, Simplified 26 Jan 2018 16.64 MB
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
zipAKD BASIC Servo Drive Firmware (AKD-T-ICAN-01-19-00-002)
English 10 Dec 2019 2.7 MB
zipAKD BASIC Servo Drive Firmware (AKD-T-NBAN-01-19-00-002)
English 10 Dec 2019 2.63 MB
pdfAKD Firmware Release Notes EN (REV
English 10 Dec 2019 1.08 MB
Sample Projects
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
zipAKD BASIC Sample Programs
Release: –
English 11 Oct 2016 11.56 KB
zipAKI Panel with AKD BASIC Sample Project Sprayer for KVB 1.0
Release: 1.0
English 17 Oct 2014 10.34 MB
zipKVB 2.20 Sample Project for AKI Panel and AKD BASIC
Release: 2.20
English 09 Oct 2017 23 MB
Title Language(s) Date Size Email
zipAKD Servo Drive WorkBench GUI Full Setup EN (REV
English 10 Dec 2019 209.46 MB
zipAKD Servo Drive WorkBench GUI Standard Setup EN (REV
English 10 Dec 2019 120.65 MB

These 3D models are intended to guide your design activities and may be used as reference information. Be sure to consult a Kollmorgen expert to ensure you have the most current and accurate information for critical aspects of design work

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