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CAN Cables

We provide pre-terminated CAN bus cables for our drives that support the CANopen communications protocol, including the AKD™ Series and the S700 Series.


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We designed our next-generation AKD® Series with the versatility, communications, power and bandwidth...

Item Length Order Code
CANopen bus cable 0.15 m P-AKD-CAN-RJ-0-15
CANopen bus cable 0.5 m P-AKD-CAN-RJ-0-50
CANopen bus cable 3.0 m P-AKD-CAN-RJ-3-00
CANopen bus termination plug P-AKD-CAN-TERM
CAN RJ12-SubD9 adapter P-AKD-CAN-9d-0-15

Information for Building Your Own CAN Cables:

According to ISO 11898, you should use a bus cable with a characteristic impedance of 120 Ω. For best results, we recommend CAT5e cable. The usable cable length depends on the transmission rate. The following measured values can be taken as a guide, but they should not be interpreted as limits. Construction details can be found in the AKD/S700 Accessories Manual

Cable length, depending on the transmission rate
Transmission rate/kbps 1000 500 250
Maximum cable length/m 20 70 115