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Accessories for Digital Motion Systems in Europe

Industrial use of ever-faster and technically more complex servo drives in all areas of machinery, plant and equipment manufacture requires high-quality accessories. No EMC problems, safe drive operation, Plug-and-Play are garanteed with the Kollmorgen accessories. The accessories are described with technical data in the Accessories Manual.

Limited availability outside Europe
Kollmorgen Servo Accessories

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Count on Kollmorgen support to help you design and build a successful machine and keep it reliably productive, anywhere in the world. Our co-engineering experts will work with you to tailor a perfect-fit solution for your motion requirements.

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pdf3L Mains Choke EU Declaration of Conformity English 27 Jul 2016 17.73 KB Copy URL
pdf3YL Motor Chokes Declaration of Conformity English 27 Jul 2016 17.66 KB Copy URL
pdf3YLN Motor Chokes Declaration of Conformity English 08 Jan 2018 300.47 KB Copy URL
pdfBrake Resistor BAR, BAS, BAFP EU Declaration of Conformity English 27 Jul 2016 17.79 KB Copy URL
pdfCables EU Declaration of Conformity English 27 Jul 2016 17.89 KB Copy URL
pdfLow Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU Guidelines English 01 Nov 2016 1.4 MB Copy URL
pdfMains Filters EU Declaration of Conformity English 26 Apr 2019 95.1 KB Copy URL
Title Language(s) Date Size
Kollmorgen 2G Cable Guide English 14 Mar 2019 21.67 MB Copy URL
Encoder Installation Instruction for IDC Stepper Motor 802-004 Following are the instructions for adding the Encoder 802-004, which is the 0.25" SHAFT, 500 LINE ENCODER for stepper motors. Attached is the original PDF.  NOTE: S3 & S4 motors require...
Motordrossel [TOC] Allgemeines Allgemeine Informationen zu Drosseln finden Sie auf der Seite Drossel. Warum Motordrosseln? Die Motordrossel kompensiert hohe kapazitive Umladeströme, die bei...
Netzfilter Allgemeines Allgemeine Informationen zu Netzfiltern finden Sie auf Seite Filter Allgemeines. Wann wird ein Netzfilter benötigt? Die Verwendung von Netzfiltern ist ein unbedingtes Muss,...
KCM Kondensatormodul Gültig für AKD, S300, S400, S601-640, S701-748 mit 400/480 V Nennspannung [toc] General Allgemeines Die KCM Module (KOLLMORGEN Capacitor Module) nehmen kinetische Energie auf, die der...
Normen und Richtlinien [toc] Allgemeines Struktur des Normenwesens am Beispiel der EN ISO 12100 Europäische Richtlinien New Legislative Framework Blue Guide: Leitfaden für die Umsetzung der...