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08 Jan 2007

Danaher Motion Announces Major Milestone for SynqNet Motion Network

– Danaher Motion today announced that shipments of its SynqNet motion and I/O network exceed 225,000 axes. Machinery builders in the medical imaging, packaging, machine tool, robotics, semiconductor, printed circuit board manufacturing/assembly and flat panel display industries adopt SynqNet to increase machine throughput, modularity, reliability and serviceability. The 225,000 axes installed milestone and the aggressive adoption rate indicate broad market acceptance for SynqNet’s high performance fault-tolerant digital architecture.

WOOD DALE, IL – January 5, 2007

“Danaher Motion, our SynqNet partners and our valued customers are pleased with SynqNet’s industry-leading motion performance, the broad selection of interoperable components, and the ability to tailor SynqNet software for a truly differentiated digital machine, and the heavy SynqNet shipment rate is strong evidence of that,” noted Paul Hewitt, Vice President of Engineering for Controls at Danaher Motion. “In just three years, over ten leading motion control suppliers have embraced SynqNet and now offer over 130 different products. Shipments will accelerate in 2007 as new SynqNet-based machinery and components are released. Clearly SynqNet has the fastest adoption rate of any motion network available today. “

Mr. Hewitt added, “Danaher Motion attributes much of the success of SynqNet to machinery builders who are facing tough competition from globalization. Incremental improvements are not the answer. Machinery builders want to design a differentiated digital machine through the proven performance, intelligent software, modularity, reliability and the digital system visibility that SynqNet provides, at a competitive price.”

Global servo suppliers now offer over 130 different SynqNet products ranging from standard servo and stepper amplifiers, I/O devices and custom multi-axis integrated products for a wide range of applications. SynqNet suppliers include Danaher Motion, Yaskawa Electric, Sanyo Denki, Advanced Motion Control, Nidec Sankyo, Glentek, Trust Automation, Tamagawa Seiki, ProDrive, Global Motion & Supply Inc. and Soonhan Engineering.

The SynqNet motion network utilizes the industry standard IEE802.3 physical layer for robust electrical isolation and 100 meter cable lengths with a deterministic protocol layer engineered by Danaher Motion. SynqNet was designed to meet demanding multi-axis motion applications and to address industry trends towards interoperable, digital machinery. SynqNet gives machines designers an open platform to meet the market demands for system modularity, HotReplace™ machine service without downtime, remote diagnostics, software field upgrade, multi-vendor support and fault-tolerant safety.

About Danaher Motion
Danaher Motion is a leading global manufacturer of motion control products that improve the efficiency and productivity of complex manufacturing operations. Danaher Motion’s product innovations have been revolutionizing the motion control industry for over 60 years through trusted brand names including Dover, Kollmorgen and Thomson. Danaher Motion is a strategic business platform of the Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), a manufacturer of process and environmental controls, tools and industrial components.