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Bearings type for Servomotor AKM42E

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We are using a servomotor type AKM42E for acoustic measurements in anechoic chamber.

It would be useful to know the type of the bearings mounted in such a servomotor. The idea is to know the following data to recognize some features in the acoustic spectrum:

- type of the bearing (brand, type),

- number and radius of  spheres,

- radii ot the external and internal wheels,

- contact angle.

Thank you,



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Thank you for joining KDN, and inquiring about AKM bearings.

The only data published / released for AKM's are the motor connectors used and the feedback manufacture's + feedback types used. 

Internal motor data/part specifics are not released.

Mike Brown


Dear Mike,

I understand.
So, the only possibility is to disassemble the whole motor (losing the guarantee)?
are there no other possibilities?

Thank you,

Fabio - Mon, 09/30/2019 - 08:46

If you choose to disassemble the motor, the warranty is void, and the feedback alignment (required for commutation) is lost. AKM motors factory ship aligned with a MOTOR.PHASE (or MPHASE) value of 0 electrical degrees. All feedback devices are aligned during factory testing.

Michael Brown_455 - Mon, 09/30/2019 - 08:54
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