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zettlex Biss-C encoder protocol compatible question.

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We are trying to use the zettlex Biss-C encoder on the AKD Drive.

I received the following e-mail in the middle of the purchase process.

(Below message from zettlex....)

[........Before processing, please may you confirm that the end customer would like BIS1. Our BIS2 & BIS3 are more compatible with mainstream controllers.

Please see page 29 of the attached.........]

Which of the options of Biss1,2,3 of the zettlex encoder is suitable for AKD?

We have to choose one of the three options for the Biss-C.

Please check..

I'll attached the manual.

Thank you for team....









1 Answer

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The AKD supports BiSS mode B and BiSS mode C (Renishaw).

BiSS mode B uses absolute data/clock and the analog sine/cosine encoder signals.

BiSS mode C uses only the data/clock for absolute position.  The AKD supports only Renishaw BiSS C encoders (or equivalent).


Check out here the BiSS-C encoder tested and used succesfully with the AKD drive.

Martin Rupf - Tue, 08/13/2019 - 05:48
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