Hygienic Automation Solutions that matter.

  • Out of the Protective Cover

    New trends in hygienic design for more possibilities in machine construction


    "Machinery designs in the 21st century are smaller, faster, cleaner & more hygienic, efficient & precise despite the steady elimination of protective covers around sensitive components; thanks to the increase in robustness of these components. New designs & finishes allow these components to handle direct washdown, even with caustic chemicals. Removing these covers allows for greater heat dissipation, easier cleaning and maintenance."

  • Hygienic design: Effects on MTTR

    Easy-maintenance drive technology in food processing


    "If drive technology is used in applications with demanding hygiene requirements, in addition to the general purity of processes, then greater focus is placed on the availability of the systems used. The hardware must not only satisfy cleanliness requirements but also be able to reliably withstand the regularly repeated cleaning work which involves superheated steam, high-pressure cleaners, and corrosive chemicals"

  • Less parts, longer service life

    Hygienic design: Kollmorgen reduces componentry and cabling


    "The right designs, appropriate materials, and certified coatings prolong the service life of the technology in applications in the food and beverage industry. If the meantime between failure (MTBF) is also drawn on for assessing technical equipment, then the risk of failure as a whole is reduced for every saved component. It really is very simple: Something that is not there cannot break down. And finally, save time and money on repairs and spare parts"

  • Keep a cool head

    Less dissipated heat prolongs the service life of drive technology


    "Servo drives in food processing poses questions about hygiene as well as performance capacity: How can international standards be met most effectively and how durably does the technology work in the process? With its single-cable connection technology Kollmorgen halves the number of cables and plug connections with an additional option of introducing motors without gears or housings in hygienically demanding applications"