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Latest Support Articles

AKD Basic using Single Precision Floating Point Decimal over ModbusWorking with floating point decimal value conversions.
Will Gaffga
June 6, 2023
CNC PPCO CNC PPC da Kollmorgen é um sistema de comando numérico computadorizado desenvolvido no Brasil que possui diversas funcionalidades e comunicação EtherCAT com os servo-acionamentos AKD (Advanced Kollmorgen Drive) e ABD (Altra Brasil Drive).
Rodrigo Gallo Rodrigo Gallo
March 23, 2023
KAS IDE fails to load ESI files and display missing ESI files error messages when FIPS security policy is enabledKAS IDE fails to load the ESI files from the ESI library and fails to add the EtherCAT devices to the project when the FIPS (Federal Information Process Standards) security policy is enabled on the computer.
Prashanth Morishetty
March 6, 2023
Trade ComplianceKollmorgen is committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values regarding respect for human rights, integrity and environmental responsibility.
Bethany Seymour
February 21, 2023
AKT and AKT2G Remote I/O ComparisonThe AKT2G family is recommended for new applications requiring remote I/O in a PCMM or PDMM KAS application. This article and attachment compares the AKT2G Remote I/O family with the AKT Remote I/O family.
Will Gaffga
February 8, 2023

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