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WorkBench Crash at Startup - Configuration file(s) corruption

In some very rare cases, some of the WB configuration files may be corrupted and it will prevent WB to start. It may happen if your computer crashed, if WB crashed or was stopped using the Task Manager while writing one of these files. The errors could have different forms but they all appear at WB startup.

Uninstalling and reinstalling WB application will not fix the problem, as these configuration files are not removed by this operation.

We need to remove manually the corrupted file and then WorkBench will restart gracefully recovering from the problem.

These files are located in the AppData folder, we need to delete 2 folders related to the problematic files (sample with Win 10 below):

  • C:\Users\windowsUserName\AppData\Local\Kollmorgen\WorkBench\wbVersionYouAreUsing: delete all the content of that folder (Logs folder and xml files)
  • C:\Users\windowsUserName\AppData\Local\Kollmorgen\WorkBench.exe_StrongName_...\wbVersionYouAreUsing: delete all the content of that folder (user.config)

Once done, relaunch WB, it should start and these files will be recreated with default values.

An alternative would be to install a different version of WB, it will have another set of configuration files.