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Workbench Command Source Options for AKD Basic Drive

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We have a Kollmorgen AKD-T00606-ICAN drive. We would like to use electronic gearing as its command source to drive an Allen Bradley N3412 motor.


However, the command source pull down menu only lists:


0 - Service

3 - Analog

5 - Program 


as options.


2 - Electronic Gearing is not shown.


Is there a setting that is precluding us from applying this options or does the BASIC model not offer this functionality.


Thanks for your help.


1 Answer

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Electronic Gearing is not achieved with the AKD BASIC ( AKD-T ) in the same way as a base drive ( AKD-B ) or motion tasking drive ( AKD-P ).
The base or motion tasking drive has the command source set to Electronic Gearing and the drive is just a follower.
The AKD BASIC drive operates in Program mode and you have to write your program to setup and use Electronic Gearing.
Per below is a snapshot from Workbench Help->AKD BASIC Programming manual. The EGEAR group pertains to electronic gearing with the AKD BASIC.

We have sample programs you can look at.
Specifically look at “Gearing Correction Move” in the sample zip file downloadable at the following.

If your intent was not to have to write BASIC programming and you simply wanted a simple geared follower drive then the AKD-B or AKD-P
will suffice.

I suggest you engage your local Kollmorgen distributor who supplied the drive to you for local support as well.
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