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Wiring Example Emergency Stop with Stop Category 1

Bringing the motor to a standstill by interrupting the mains supply and using controlled electronic braking (STOPMODE and ACTFAULT parameters set to 1). The 24 V supply for the servo amplifier must remain constant.

The drive is braked in a controlled manner during the stopping (disabling) procedure. If the speed VEL0 is undershot, the holding brake is applied and the output stage is disabled.
As soon as two separate time periods (set at the time relay) have elapsed, the mains supply and the holding brake are electrically isolated.

Note: Should an internal servo amplifier fault occur, the motor is forced to a standstill once K20 drops out. Make sure, that the machinery cannot be damaged by forced braking. Forced braking with the built-in motor holding brake can damage the brake.

Circuit suggestion
(with EMERGENCY STOP with Stop Category 1, control function with contactor relays)