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Wiring Example Emergency Stop with Stop Category 0

Bringing the motor to a standstill by immediately switching off the amplifier power supply (STOPMODE and ACTFAULT parameters set to 1). The switching sequence is precisely determined by this circuit in order to avoid undesirable fault messages and servo amplifier failures.

It is not possible to achieve a Category 0 shut-down with the servo amplifier alone, since hard-wired electromechanical components are compulsory for this type of disconnection. A brake that is built into the motor must have an additional electromechanical control circuit, as well as the control by the servo amplifier, in order to meet Category 0.
Usually a brake in a servo motor only has the function of a holding brake. To ensure an emergency stop function, the braking torque that is required must be checked. If the holding brake fulfills the dynamic requirements, it must be taken into acount that this application will cause increased wear.

Circuit Suggestion
(with EMERGENCY STOP with Stop Category 0, control function with contactor relays)



Julian's picture
Hello Mark, I was thinking of using this but in a Stepper system with a P7000 drive, would this apply? How do you size the contactor?