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WinCC Communication | 20 Feb 2018 | |

WinCC Communication

Is it possible to communicate from an HMI of Siemens WinCC (7v3) to a PCMM via Modbus TCP/IP driver?

The Modbus WinCC communication driver requires on the a CPU selection between:

- 984 (Use this CPU type for the CPU 984 (except for CPU 984A, 984B and 984X).)

- Modicon Compact, Modicon Quantum, Modicon Momentum

- Modicon Premium, Modicon Micro

Which is the correct configuration?


Thanks for any help

Comments & Answers

Dome said ...

Dome |

Sorry for the late answer, I tried to find a printable WinCC Manual without success.

I just can send you some printshoot.

I tried the communication as 984 and Modicon Quantum with different types of read/write  (coils/registers) without success.

Mark.Duckwitz | Mon, 02/26/2018 - 17:33

Hello Dome,

Can you please send the Modbus TCPIP help file that you referenced. We need further information to determine best possible approach.

Regards, Mark

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