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What do I do if I encounter an F305 Fault (Brake Open Circuit) on my AKD servo drive?

The MOTOR.BRAKE parameter in the AKD series drive notifies the firmware whether a brake exists or not. It is not used to apply or release the brake.  If a brake is found to be present, the firmware considers hardware indications regarding the brake circuits (such as open circuit or short circuit).  If the brake does not exist (MOTOR.BRAKE set to 0), then the firmware ignores the hardware indications.  Enabling the MOTOR.BRAKE (value set to 1) when no brake exists creates a fault.
This short video clip shows a few steps on how you can recover from this fault.


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Some brakes require very little current and are detected by the AKD drive as an open circuit.  In these cases, set MOTOR.BRAKE=100 to turn off the brake circuit monitoring.