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VBUSBAL Parameter... | 24 Aug 2017 | |

VBUSBAL Parameter...


The customer is using the S310 drive, use the mains voltage 3-phase 220 volts.

I set the VBUSBAL parameter to 120 because I wanted to set the output voltage to 120 volts.

However, when monitoring the bus voltage, it is measured as 300 volts.

Is there a problem with this setting?

We'll look forward to your answer.

Thank you.

Comments & Answers

Joerg Muslewski said ...

Joerg Muslewski |


VBUSBAL is used to adjust the thresholds according to the used mains input voltage level.
The drive doesn't decrease or increase the output voltage level by changing VBUSBAL.
The DC BUS voltage and output voltage level depends on the mains supply voltage level.

If the S310 drive is still connected to a mains voltage of 3-phase 220 volts,  you will measure a DC BUS Voltage of round about 300 Vdc.
Means, you need to reduce the input voltage to 120 Vac as well.

jcoleman02 said ...

jcoleman02 |

As Joerg stated, the VBUSBAL parameter doesn't set the DC bus voltage level.  It only sets some thresholds related to the DC bus voltage level.

Set VBUSBAL=0 when running at 115VAC (160VDC).

Set VBUSBAL=1 when running at  230VAC (320VDC).

Michael Brown_455 said ...

Michael Brown_455 |

When an AC voltage is applied to a drive, the applied voltage is rectified to create a DC bus that run the motor. 120V applied yields a 160VDC bus. 240VAC applied yields a 320VDC bus, and 480VAC applied to a drive results in 640VDC.... This bus voltage is not altered by a setting. VBUSBAL, per the ASCII guide, is the maximum network voltage. It does dot control what voltage is output by the drive. A lower incoming AC voltage would need to be applied if a lower DC bus voltage was desired.

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