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Value Line Cable Update Notice

Kollmorgen is excited to announce our new Value Line cable offering!

Kollmorgen introduced our current Value Line Cables to North America in 2007 to offer a low cost solution between our AKM and AKD/S200. The cables have performed well with thousands of satisfied customers. As we began to expand our Value Line offering globally, it became apparent we would need to work with global sources that could not only meet the global demand, but also meet the latest certifications and standards required in many countries.

As a result, we are introducing our new Value Line cables, now available to order worldwide.

Enhancements resulting from these new cables include:

  • Color coded power and feedback cables
  • Improved bend radius
  • Jacket material upgrades
  • The part numbering scheme will continue to have the same meanings as the previous value line cables, including length in meters, measured from end to end of the cable
  • The raw cable material bears the CE mark; however, as with our other cable assemblies, the assembly is not declared to any CE standard

The Selection Guide and Automation Catalog will be updated with the new Value Line Cable part numbers.

Value line part number update

Current Part Number New Part Number








Value Line Cable connectivity:















Coming Soon








Coming Soon


The images below show a visual comparison of the new Value line cables to the previous generation. 

Power Cables


Feedback Cables


There is no negative effect on form, fit, or function of these new cables.  They are backwards compatible, and have the same pinout as the previous generation.   Attached is a document showing further cables spec comparisons and pinout information.  This document will be updated again when further S200 information is available.