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Using Maple Systems EZWare Plus to AKD or AKD BASIC

Note: I don’t have EzWare Plus software or the HMI and no specifics on software revisions or HMI hardware revisions or models. I have no sample project.

The following is based on what worked and was learned through support.

If a data field is declared as 32 bit in the Maple and you are trying to read an AKD parameter or AKD BASIC variable, the Maple needs an offset of 1 from the WB Help starting address and also word swapping.

For example in the AKD BASIC program

Dim myVariable1, myVariable2 as integer
$MBMap32(5000, myVariable1)
$MBMap32(5002, myVariable2)

We set the Maple Systems data field for the data in myVariable1 to be a signed 32 bit integer and the addressing was 5x 5001….there is a 4x method without word swapping but the 5x swaps the high and low words ( per below and the Modbus Controller Datasheet; see attached ).

Maple stated they are high word first ( like the AKD ) but it was counterintuitive. In any case, the use of the 5x register type and the offset of 1 ( 5000+1 ) allowed the HMI to display a 32 bit value correctly.

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With Maple Systems products, use X5xxxx and add 1 to any of the modbus index number printed in the Kollmorgen help file.