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Using an M241, V4.2 Somachine using ethernet IP to an AKD? | 13 Nov 2018 | |

Using an M241, V4.2 Somachine using ethernet IP to an AKD?

We are having some issues getting the Schneider M241 using ethernet IP messaging to an AKD drive.


Anyone have any hints of tips (apart from using a different PLC)?.

Comments & Answers

toddevans01 | Wed, 11/14/2018 - 17:28

We have no experience with Schneider PLCs.
We officially support AB Compactlogix and Contrologix ( both explicit and implicit ( cyclic ) messaging ) and AB Micrologix 1400 ( explicit messaging only ).
I don't know what the Schneider supports.
That said I have had customers with non-Allen Bradley PLCs and they stated they were able to get it to work.
Unfortunately they didn't share processor models, screenshots, configuration, or anything else to share.
I created a support landng page for AKD Ethernet IP on the KDN.

There is a section on non-AB controllers.
The EDS file, if required by your PLC, is available there.
There is also an application guide called "AKD Ethernet/IP Cyclic IO Assemblies and Explicit Messaging".
While I used my AB PLC to perform the functions I didn't use add on instructions or anything exclusive to AB.
This means I moved ( forced ) the values into the correct bytes using the methods detailed in the AKD Ethernet IP Communications manual.
I've had users of non-AB PLCs indicate that it helped them test and get things working.
Let us know if you have further questions.

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