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Using the AKD_Jog Add On Instruction with Ethernet IP

The AKD_Jog AOI works differently depending on whether the operation mode is Velocity or Position. In Position Mode motion task 0 is used to load the velocity, accel, decel from the AKD_Jog AOI values in the ladder. Motion Task 0 is set for a next task of 0 so the motion task loops upon itself during execution. In Velocity Mode motion task 0 is not used and the drive runs at the AKD_Jog AOI velocity setpoint. It is important to note that since the AKD_Jog AOI uses motion task 0 when the drive is in Position Mode, it is required that the drive's Home Found be true. Execution of the AKD_Jog AOI  in this mode without homing first will result in an error with the ER bit on the AOI's output being set. In Velocity Mode it isn't required to home first before executing the AKD_Jog AOI.