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Use of Structures | 20 Jun 2016 | |

Use of Structures

I am working with the custom data structures, and I have a couple of observations I would like to share:

Over the years I have developed the habit of not clicking on the actual text in application explorer type lists due to the fact that in windows you find yourself renaming things. In the KAS project explorer, dictionary list, where you create structures and variables, it is best to always have your mouse pointer on the text field and not the icon to the left of the text. While you can create a structure with your mouse pointer on the icon, you cannot add a variable to the structure unless your mouse pointer is on the text field, even though you get the pop-up, and can click on add a variable. This is also an issue with adding variables to existing programs from the dictionary list.

I also have not been able to search for structure use, using the variable browse feature, is there some other way to search for structure elements within your programs? This is a show stopper for me.

I also have some concerns about tagging structures to KVB, it appears that the entire structure gets sent to KVB even if you only need one element. This would likely add considerable overhead to KVB communications. Perhaps the best use for structures is to have a KVB only structure, or a structure for each poll group, that is loaded and unloaded at the controller level into program variables.

Thoughts, Anyone?


Comments & Answers

dusty.schafer | Thu, 06/30/2016 - 00:42
The "Add Variable" context menu should only be active when a Dictionary Group, Structure, or Variable is selected.  This was a defect and has been fixed in v2.11.  In the meantime, be sure to select an item in the Dictionary first (selection is indicated by a blue highlight) and then the "Add Variable" will work properly.

To search for structure elements, select the element, right-click and select "Find All" or use the "Find and Replace" tab in the "Information and Logs" window.  This will search the project for all instances of the selected or named structure element.  The "Browse variable" feature only supports simple variables.

Adding the capability to select individual structure instance elements for KVB would make it easier to manage the KVB data traffic.  Good idea!!  We've added it to the feature request list.

Thanks for the feedback and questions!!

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