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Tuning - High Frequency Spindles S300-S700

Valid for S300, S700

The S300 / S700 servo amplifiers are a great solution for most High Frequency Spindle applications.


  • Asynchronous and synchronous spindles
  • With or without feedback, please see the frequency limit for feedback on user manual (S300 / S700), for example (Sin, Cos) feedback limited of 350 kHz.
  • Simple Tuning / Setup
  • Support of many fieldbus systems
  • Simple system integration


Maximum adjustable speed in the firmware: VMAX=15,000 rpm

Speed higher than 15,000 rpm can be reached by using virtual pole number setting (speed factor 2 or 4):

  • Motor pole number ( MPOLES )
    set motor pole number = real motor pole number * speed factor
  • Feedback (Encoder: ENCLINES , Resolver: MRESPOLES )
    set lines/pole number = real lines (pole number) * speed factor

The speed factor must be used for motor speed, motor pole number and feedback pole number.

Possible speed / frequency

Maximum Output Frequency Real Motor Pole Number
599 Hz (see Dual Use) 2 4 6 8 10 12 ...
Maximum Speed (RPM) (VMAX * speed factor)
60,000 30,000 20,000 15,000 12,000 10,000  


Real situation

  • Motor  with 2 poles
  • Feedback Encoder with 2048 Lines
  • Desired speed 25,000 rpm => speed factor= 2 (VMAX * 2 = 30,000 rpm)


  • MPOLES 4 (real pole number * speed factor)
  • ENCLINES 4096 (real lines * speed factor)


A speed set point of 10,000 rpm causes the motor to turn with 20.000 rpm (speed set point * speed factor).

Replacement of ACOMEL drives

Refer to page Replacement of ACOMEL Drives


rolf weezenaar's picture
rolf weezenaar
Am I mistaken or is Dual Use not max 600Hz?

Rolf Weezenaar
dmcleod's picture
Rolf - yes, but max is 599 Hz. Greater than, or equal to 600 Hz is controlled. I've corrected the information above.