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From the Z+, Z- pin of connector J14 of  the S200 drive,

I wonder how many volts should be applied to operate, so I looked up the manual but could not find it.

Please let me know the specification.

Thank you.




Back Electro-motive Force is the voltage generated during the operation of a rotating machine (a generator or a motor). When voltage (an electro-motive force) is applied to a motor's armature, it begins to rotate, and an amount of electrical resistance is generated by the rotating magnetic field. This kick-back is called Back Electro-motive Force or Back-EMF ( BEMF ).

ASCII - Command VSTART    
Syntax Transmit VSTART [Data]    
ASCII - Command MUR    
Syntax Transmit MUR [Data]    

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700


Used with AKD, voltage type 06, current types 3A and 6A


Used with AKD, voltage type 06, current types 12A and 24A, and with AKD voltage types 07, current types 3A to 24A

Valid for AKD, S300, S400, S600, S700

Capacitors integrated in servo amplifiers may be uncharged to absolute zero level, if servo amplifiers are stored for longer than a year without being connected to mains voltage. If rated voltage is supplied to such a capacitor, then an extremely high charging current (depending on the charge characteristics curve) may flow for some time, which could overheat and destroy the capacitor or the PCB. Even load cycles during this phase  result in high current peaks due to recharging processes.

Voltage rating for cables varies between standards. Typical voltage ratings for cables are 300V and 600V.

CE requires the equipment or other installations to have insulation rating equal to the maximum circuit voltage applied to any conductor within the cable or raceway.