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The attached video covers important topics such as ESI (XML)  file acquisition and importation into TwinCAT 3.

Basic setup and motion from the TwinCAT 3 console is also demonstrated.

Finally how to recognize and resolve a mismatch between the Device Description ( ESI ) and the physical AKD2G hardware/firmware revisions when scanning for boxes is covered.

This video series comprises of 16 videos as a complete training on AKD Ethernet IP Communications. Videos 1 though 7 are essential and the remaining videos can be viewed in order or the user can pick and choose a topic of interest or one that pertains to something specific in their application.

In the top right-hand corner of the following link there is a right arrow that allows the user to index from 1 to 16 on the video playlist.

To help get started developing an application with the PCMM and PDMM controllers, training videos are now available on the KAS IDE (Integrated Development Environment). They are located in Kollmorgen's YOUTUBE website under the  Playlist section:

KAS Online Learning Collection on Kollmorgen YouTube

Attached is a video demonstrating features of the PxMM web server. It can be accessed inside the IDE or directly from a web browser.

Capabilities include:

This Article contains four videos that continue the KAS IDE Introduction series. The first two videos introduce the Function Block Library and the Control Panel, and the last two go step by step how to complete the third exercise that is attached as a Word document.

The first video below introduces the KAS IDE Function Block Library. It explains how function blocks are organized and demonstrates how you can drag and drop functions into any IEC 61131 programming language such as ladder diagram or structured text to program your PLC and motion control code.