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AKD EtherCAT Scaling for Velocity, Acceleration, and Deceleration >

This article discusses AKD EtherCAT scaling for velocity, acceleration, and deceleration commands and actual velocity.  For the position modes, FBUS.PARAM05 applies to position scaling and the scaling for velocity, acceleration, and…

Cause S-curve velocity ramp >

I am commanding the AKD drive in velocity mode.  I would like to obtain an S-curve velocity profile.  The way the drive is controlled now is to command 0rpm and then 80 rpm to go that speed.  The standard motion creates some problems…

AKD Basic Analogue Velocity Control >

Does anyone have a sample program or a snipet of code for the AKD Basic to control the velocity with the analogue input?  Thanks for the help.

Acceleration and Velocity Limits in EtherCat Position Mode >

When using the AKD with EtherCAT in Interpolated Position mode, are the AKD's Acceleration, Deceleration, and Velocity limits active? No they are not.  The accel, decel, and velocity needs to be managed by the trajectory generator…

PVMAX Parameter (S300-S700) >

ASCII - Command PVMAX    

VUNIT Parameter (S300-S700) >

ASCII - Command VUNIT    

VLIM Parameter (S300-S700) >

ASCII - Command VLIM     Syntax Transmit VLIM [Data]     Syntax Receive VLIM <Data>  

V Parameter (S300-S700) >

ASCII - Command V     Syntax Transmit V     Syntax Receive V <Data>  

VELO Parameter (S300-S700) >

ASCII - Command VEL0     Syntax Transmit VEL0 [Data]     Syntax Receive VEL0 <Data>  
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