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I use a servomotor type AKM42E coupled with software Drive, for running a fan rotor.

I need to know the absorbed power or the torque of the motor during the operation. It is possible?

Thank you

The PxMM can control the AKD drive in Position, Velocity, or Torque OpMode. The default AKD Drive OpMode in a KAS program is Interpolated Position Mode. This is AKD Opmode 2 as shown on the drive's front LED Display. To precisely control motor torque independent of position or velocity, in some applications it is desired to configure  the drive for Torque Mode operation which is AKD Opmode 0, as shown on the drive's front LED Display.

Installation information for Torquer Motors

Hi, I need to know the actual torque value of my a C062C servo motor, so i used the following commands:

A:=MLAxisRateTq(PipeNetwork.Axis2, LREAL#121.6875);


Where the value of 121.6875 is calculate with MOTOR.IPEAK * MOTOR.KT : 29.5*4.125 = 121.6875

I'm using a pinion - rack to achieve linear movement, the pitch diameter is 1 - 1/2", with a load of 1024 N we expect a torque of 19.8 Nm and the value that we obtain in KAS using the commands mentioned before is 50Nm.

The attached demo project shows how to control a servo axis with a KAS controller in Torque Mode instead fo the default Position Mode. This project requires a 2.9 release of KAS software and PDMM firmware, which is currently only available in beta form if you have a customer that requires this feature.

Converting Between Linear Force and Torque of a Ballscrew


Force = Torque x 2 x PI x gear reduction ratio / (Lead x %eff)


Torque = Force x Lead / (2 x PI x gear reduction ratio x %eff)




If you know the torque applied to a ballscrew, then you can calculate the linear force produced by the ballscrew.

Some of the stepper motor nomenclature includes some terms not often used today.  Such terms are Pull-in Torque and Pull-out Torque.The information below may be helpful in understanding the different torque values for stepper motors.